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The Club of Experimental Archeology "Pajauta" is a non-profit public organization whose main goal is to bring together people engaged in experimental archeology in the Republic of Lithuania, to improve the reconstruction of prehistoric and historical production, lifestyle, business and crafts for a scientific and experimental purposes in Lithuania and abroad.

Club "Pajauta" has its own statute, symbol and flag.

The president of the club is Daiva Luchtanienė, the vice president of the club is Gvidas Slah.

Club members are the main participants of the festival "Days of Live Archaeology in Kernavė". They have also participated and are participating in other similar events in Lithuania, Poland, France, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Latvia, Ukraine and elsewhere. The club also organizes educational camps for students, members of the club are guest lecturers for students in the course of experimental archeology at Vilnius university.

The club was registered on June 5, 2002.


The club currently unites 41 full member and 6 honorary members .

In 2020 club and its members established a workshop | gallery "Amatynas" in Vilnius Old Town

The club invites archaeologists, museologists and various public organizations to cooperate. If you have any ideas and would like to share them, please contact us by email:  Austėja Luchtanaitė .

The Club of Experimental Archeology "Pajauta"


Daiva Luchtanienė, President

Tel .: (+370) 687 87001



Gvidas Slah, Vice President

Tel .:  (+370) 695 88163



Austėja Luchtanaitė, public relations

Tel .:  (+370) 618 00450



Address for correspondence: Jogailos st. 6 - 4

LT - 01402, Vilnius, Lithuania


Eksperimentinės archeologijos klubas „Pajauta“

Įmonės kodas: 195749285

Adresas: Jogailos g. 6 – 9, Vilnius


AB SEB Vilniaus bankas

A.s. Nr.LT44 7044 0600 0043 8231

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