"PAJAUTA", the Club of Experimental Archaeology

Club of Experimental Archaeology "Pajauta" is non-profit public organization. The main goal of the Club is to unionize Lithuanian people that are interested in experimental archaeology, ancient trade and crafts reconstruction. Today "Pajauta" includes 50 members, representing 29 different ancient crafts and their technologies.

Club has its statute, symbol and flag. President of the club Daiva Luchtanienė, vice president Gvidas Slah.

Every year members of the club are the main participants in the festivals of experimental archaeology in Kernavė (Lithuania). They also took/ take a part in other events or festivals in Lithuania ( in Šiauliai, Rumšiškės, Seredžius, Palūšė, Utena, Nida, Kirvakalnis, Visaginas), Poland (Wolin, Grunwald, Biskupin, Suwalki), Sweden (Sundsvall, Ryddarhittan, Östersund), Norway (Egge), Finland (Saltvik), France (Bitche), Latvia (Riga). Club also organizes educational camps for pupils.

In 2007 , in Annual Awards "For Reborn History" established by M.K.Ciurlionis Charity and Support Fund, "Pajauta" was nominated as "The most iniciative group of people revitalizing Lithuanian cultural heritage".

We are always looking for exciting and interesting people to work with. If you or your organisation have an idea for an event or a project, we would love to hear from you. Email Austėja Luchtanaitė.